Data Security

  • Firewall rules in place

  • Antivirus on all servers, desktops, email gateways and internet filters

  • Social media & personal email access disabled

  • Password management tools implemented

  • All emails captured on our servers

  • Tests run regularly to test network & system penetration

Physical Security
  • CCTV cameras monitoring premises

  • 24/7 building monitoring by security guard 

  • No external drive access to PCs

  • Secure desktop policy / Clean desk policy

  • Photo ID security access with appropriate access controls

  • Policy training at induction & updates conducted throughout the year

  • IT security training run throughout the year

  • Regular compliance updates

Privacy Policy

To view our Privacy Policy or make an enquiry regarding any privacy concerns please contact us at We will respond to your request within 7 days of receipt of the query.


If following our response you wish to lodge a complaint or take further action, you may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (details provided below).

Office of Australian Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218

Sydney NSW 2001
Phone 1300 363 992